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MAMIE was sick. Hunch did not go to the house, but one night after supper, while he was changing his clothes to go to the Bartlett’s, Bruce came in.

“Hello, Bruce. Sit down.”

“Can’t stop but a minute. Where’re you going?”

“Up to see Jess.”

“I ain’t seen you to shake on that, have I, Hunch. Marne told me. She says Jess’s tickled to death. When’re you going to be married?”

“Dunno exactly. Guess not before spring.”

“Did you hear about Marne, Hunch?”

“Sick, you mean?”

“Yes, I s’posed you knew what was the matter. Thought mebbe Jess told you—but she couldn’t though, could she? I’m awful worried. It’s too soon, you know. You see that’s what I come to see you about. I’ve been shaving it pretty close. Had to be up nights and it kind of knocked my work. And the doctor’s sticking me like everything. I didn’t know but—well, I’ll tell you, Hunch, can you let me have fifty for a couple of weeks? I don’t get my salary till the end of the month, and I’ve got to settle some things right away.”

“Sure,” said Hunch. “I’ve got a little put by.”

“I’m awful sorry, Hunch, but you see how it is——”

“That’s all right, Bruce. Any time ‘ll do.”

“I’ll give you my note. That’s about all I can do.”


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